The International Assignment Profile (IAP)

The IAP conducts a comprehensive on-line interview of BOTH the employee and the spouse/partner.

The ARF Chart™ (Assignment Risk Factors Chart) identifies the basic areas that are at risk in the assignment.

The ARF Chart™ results from an intensive AI (Artificial Intelligence)review of the complete data set obtained from the family during the on-line interview.

Once these key areas of assignment risk are identified, the various sections of the IAP allow for "drill downs" to get specific information that is used for planning, education, and support.

The IAP interview is an expert system created after analyzing the interview behavior of experienced expat counselors and coaches. A wide variety of information is gathered and analyzed by comparing the expat or family's information to a large database of over 2000 actual expat families.

Areas included:

  • Basic background information, expat experience level, medical review and plans
  • Management and working considerations (employee)
  • Career and job considerations (spouse/partner)-one of the key areas identified in compromising assignments or even refusing assignments.
  • Familiarity with the culture
  • Medical needs and planning
  • General needs and priorities compared to international families: what’s especially important to this family's success
  • Specific, prioritized issues and matches with the actual location
  • Detailed “drill down” matching charts for discussion
  • Children going on the assignment: information and action summary
  • Children not going on the assignment
  • Back home parents’ issues
  • Pets going!
  • Detailed info about coping styles and behavior
  • Family strengths and challenges
  • Important “heads up” reminders

The IAP on-line interview replaces over FOUR hours of experienced coach/counselor interview time and provides a thoroughly analyzed, prioritized listing of key issues that become the basis for efficient and effective pre-assignment preparation.

The coach/counselor spends the time with the family crafting solutions, not merely discovering problems!

The IAP is a tool to be used in a support program. If you need a complete program or support package, we have that ready for you!

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Each family is matched to the SPECIFIC international destination location

The IAP begins by comparing the family to a large (over 2000) sample of actual expat families, discerning how they are like other expats and how they are different. This allows for a general comparison and understanding of the basic family needs regardless of the location.

The family's needs and priorities are then compared with the SPECIFIC known conditions in their anticipated location, allowing for specific, focused planning and preparation.


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The IAP provides specific, prioritized matches that identify the precise areas that are likely to cause assignment stresses, compromises, and even failures.

Here's a list of just some of the areas covered

  • Family environment
  • Role of women
  • Educational resources for children and youth
  • Political and social unrest
  • Status of citizens from ex-pat's country
  • Status of company employees in society
  • Ease of social interaction in social and work
  • Availability of other ex-pats
  • Religious freedom and customs
  • Medical, hospital, and prescription resources
  • Quality of health professionals
  • Ease of getting back home
  • Housing quality
  • Local law enforcement
  • Safety in getting around
  • Opportunities for local involvement and employment

New areas are added as research and experience indicates.

The IAP can be customized to include special categories or issues of interest to YOUR specific population.

The IAP works to support business goals of the assignment, your investment in cross cultural training, and ultimately, your talent pool.

Why the IAP? Because your resources are human!®

International assignments are a complex phenomenon, and a successful assignment is the result of several interacting systems. The IAP ensures the assignment's success by reducing the risks that research has shown to be the leading causes of assignment failures and compromises: the family's ability to adapt.

It does not replace cross cultural training, but enhances that training by helping a family secure their basic needs thus allowing them to focus on the cultural aspects and for the employee, the work aspects.

A family's (employee and spouse/partner) personal styles, strengths and challenges are used to assist in developing a unique, personalized adjustment and coping plan.

Validated measures that describe patterns of adjustment to foreign assignments and cross cultural adaptability allow the development of a customized unique plan of adjustment. For BOTH employee and spouse!

  • Flexibility
  • Tolerance
  • Social needs
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Emotional stability
  • Responsibility
  • Breadth of interests
  • Risk taking
  • Conformity
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Planning