Our company and philosophy

Our mission is to provide state of the art tools to support HR, mobility and relocation executives, coaches, and employee assistance counselors in evaluating, preparing, and assisting employees and families in their international assignments. The information and insights provided by the IAP contribute to making the international assignment both a business and a human success. We integrate scientific and clinical research with human wisdom and knowledge, utilizing cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to support people in the difficult judgments they must make. 

We believe strongly that a business should survive based on the value that it adds to core business processes. The value of our IAP is assisting those who are ultimately accountable for the business and human success of the assignment and the larger business enterprise. We do not require a volume related contract, and our agreement is a simple one: use the IAP if you feel it makes a contribution to the success of your international assignments. 

Our company grew from the collaboration of two experienced professionals bringing two differing but shared perspectives to the development of a new technology in international assignments.

Neill M. Carson, PhD, MBA, CEO and President

Neill Carson has an extensive background in behavioral science applications in business, as well as computer and artificial intelligence technologies. Articles featuring his work have appeared in professional journals and technology magazines such as PC AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the IAP has been featured as a case study in a college textbook on Artificial Intelligence. His applications have been used for selection in a wide range of organizations, including financial and manufacturing organizations. Formerly the director and CEO of the Harding Consulting Group, he specialized in the design and creation of competitive organizational structures and management systems. Neill and the Harding group implemented major organizational structural change projects in North America, and pioneered the application of the systems concepts of Dr. Elliot Jaques to obtain rapid but enduring competitive results.

In addition to his work with International Assignment Profiles, Neill is currently a Vice President and Senior consultant with the Levinson Institute where he specializes in designing organizations based on tying structure to strategy through accountability, and coaching executives and managers on organizational design, accountability, and management issues. He is on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School continuing education program for Leadership and Accountability Management for Physicians and Health Care Teams.

A fellow in the A.K. Rice Institute, and past president of the Texas Center of the A.K. Rice Institute, Neill has directed over 35 national and regional conferences on leadership, organizational and group dynamics, and management effectiveness. Neill holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, was a post-doctoral fellow at Yale, and received his MBA from the University of Houston Executive program. He is a licensed psychologist in Texas.

Donald R. Young EdD (Senior Vice President, retired)

Don Young has been a consultant to major corporations in North America on the design and delivery of services to employees and families in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. He is also active in providing critical incident debriefing to distressed individuals, groups, and work teams in the aftermath of major natural and human disasters. 

Don was previously Director of Health Education and Rehabilitation for Conoco with responsibility for the psychological services to national and international employees. He served as Assistant Professor of Family Study in Psychiatry, the Medical School, University of Pennsylvania; Director of the Marriage Council of Philadelphia; Director of Training in Marriage Counseling at the Menninger Foundation; and an adjunct appointment at Baylor College of Medicine. He was also a fellow in the AK Rice Institute and a Fellow in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Don received his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Pennsylvania and Master of Arts degree from Northwestern University.