The International Assignment Profile (IAP) is the premier tool to support expat and family preparation for their assignment.

If you are a mobility professional or expat coach, we can help you recover up to 6% of the entire international HR budget by addressing the number one cause of assignment compromises, early returns, and assignment failures: family adaptation problems. We can show you the international assignment ROI in our spreadsheet!

What you know about your expats will help you succeed. What you don't know can ruin an assignment. The IAP is the premier expat support tool to solve this problem.

Effective and efficient expat family support and preparation is the key to reducing the major risks associated with expat assignments and ensuring both business and personal success. The IAP provides coaches and mentors with precise information that can be used to guide the family in preparation and readiness.

FACT: Expat family adjustment issues are the leading cause of assignment failures and compromises.

The International Assignment Profile (IAP) precisely identifies the family-employee issues that will compromise an international relocation or assignment --while there is still time to plan and prevent problems.

The IAP answers the basic question "What will it take to ensure the business and family success of this assignment?"

The IAP utilizes advanced technology and artificial intelligence to produce a detailed, prioritized list of EXACTLY what issues need to be addressed for the specific employee and family matched to the specific anticipated destination. These are precisely the issues that if not addressed, WILL impact the assignment, costing time, producing stress, and potentially leading to failure or early return. We are the premier expat family support tool in the industry.

Doing nothing will cost you up to 6% of your entire expat HR budget due to failures and inefficiencies, with a corresponding drain on your talent pool and future resources.

Research beginning with the classic GMAC study (2006) identified a trend that has remained consistent:

  • 10% of assignments were not completed because expats returned early
  • Principal reason for early return was family concerns (32%)
  • 10% of the time families left the expat and returned early.
  • Of the assignments that fail (or were seriously compromised), two thirds (67%) indicated “Family adaptation” as the reason for the failure.
  • While respondents reported an attrition rate of 10 percent among the general employee population, they indicated that 21 percent of expatriate employees left their companies in the midst of international assignments. Another 23 percent, meanwhile, left within one year of returning from as assignment. (From the GMAC press release after the study.)
ROIActual screen shot from our FREE program ROI spreadsheet. Click the picture or the sidebar (right) to get yours and run your own numbers.

These figures do NOT include the lost business opportunity costs, the losses on human capital and morale, the family and personal distresses, and most importantly for the future of the talent pool, the dissonance that leads to radically increased attrition rates upon return. 

Do nothing and you lose now: compromised, inefficient, or failed assignments.
And you lose again later: diminished talent pool, attrition upon return.

Taking action now translates to a sustainable competitive advantage. The IAP will allow you to quickly reap these benefits and provide expat family support in an effective and low cost manner.

Not knowing about an issue does not mean the issue goes away!

The IAP is a tool, if you need a complete program or service, click here.